The “Rules” of the Trip


Since this is a unique opportunity, we wanted to make sure to set a few ground rules for the trip. Okay, maybe not “rules”, maybe just “reminders” about what this trip is all about… so… here we go.

Don’t let planning get in the way of a good adventure:
We are both very detail oriented, very focused on finding the trees, but we can’t forget about the forest. This whole wild ride, and life, are adventures, to forget that would be criminal.

Talk Talk Talk:
In order to understand the local culture, the people of a city and the reason people love their town, we must to strike up conversations every chance we get. We can’t be afraid to ask people questions. What they love about living here? What we should see? What have you always wanted to do? Can we buy you a drink/ lunch?

Mmmmmm…. Meat?
As six year vegetarians, and Buddhists, we’ve personally sworn off meat, chicken and sea food. But for this year-long adventure, we have decided the trip would simply not be the same if we didn’t have a Chicago Red Hot, Maine Lobster, New Orleans Gumbo or Kansas City BBQ. So, we will do as the Romans do! While we plan to stay primarily vegetarian, we will, on occasion vary our diet.

Tourist Trappings:
Obviously, we plan to see the regular, mainstream, popular sites around the country: Disney World in Florida, Yellowstone National Park, The Freedom Trail and The Statue of Liberty. But we’ll also be sharing  some sites “off-the-beaten path” and even some zany places like the Guinness World Record Holder for paint balls (in Indiana), Carhenge (in Nebraska), and the Georgia Guidestones (in Georgia).

We hope this will provide us with stories and interest you as well. If not at least it could provide a laugh or two.