Frequently Asked Questions

Just because we KNOW what you’re gonna ask!


Okay, this one is answered in our other post – “What’s the Story?” – so we’ll just refer you there and ask YOU a question… Why NOT!?


Are you rich?/How much is this gonna cost?

Just to make sure, I went to the bank and withdrew $40, just to check our balance and the balance said “not rich”, so confirmed… no we’re not rich.  But with some seriousness, the trip will likely cost us about $25,000 – $30,000 for the year, and we would argue that with just a little planning, living at or below your means, remaining debt free and taking the right steps to invest your money, anyone can do this. It’s all about degrees.  How important is your dream? Is it more important than say “a new Lexus” or “those daily trips to PF Changs, Starbucks or the local mall.” It’s all about priorities and ours was to make this come true.

In addition, we’ve saved 8 months return expenses (including healthcare) to ensure that we’re covered when this adventure is over.

Each day however, you can track our expenses at our “Daily Expense Log” to your right!


What about gas prices?

Really? We’re worried about gas prices? Have they ever gone down?


What type of RV do you have?/How big is your RV?

2003 Jayco Greyhawk 28 foot, gasoline.


Are you crazy?/insane?/out of your minds?

Probably a little. We’ve left jobs we love, companies we admire and friends we’ll miss for a year of uncertainty, challenges and cramped quarters.  We take that back… we might be certifiable.


Do you have a house? What are you doing with that?

Rented for two years to a nice couple with three dogs. Hope they’re all enjoying the backyard!


What did you do with your pets?

Our 13 year old basset hound, William Charles Basset III, or Buddy as we call him, will be tagging along, mostly as a guard dog for our bed (he doesn’t care what else is stolen, but seriously, the bed?) while we’re exploring. We have two cats Bill Lumberg and Daisy Mae who will be spending the year with relatives and their new cat friends.


Did we miss something you’d like to know?

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