What’s the Story?

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Why did we decide to embark on this adventure? Why now?

With so much to see in this world, and so little time in life, the real question is why NOT now?

A few years ago, we decided, “someday” we’d love to see the United States.

Consider this… the average adult male will live 73 years. That’s 876 months, 3,796 weeks and 26,645 days. On the surface, that seems like a lot, but when you think about it, currently I’m 35 (almost 36) and my wife is 34 (almost 35) – half of those available days are now behind us.

This has been our dream for about five years. In July last year (2010) Kimmer’s dad passed away and it made us realize how short life really is (though he did live a healthy 81 years). We’d been saving for the dream but officially decided, let’s make this a priority or at least provide ourselves a daily reminder of our dream. So we decided to spend the money and purchase our RV (and make sure that the monthly payments reminded us that we needed to be ON THE ROAD!)

So we did, and when we finally shared our plan, and the RV with Kimmer’s family, his mom shared with us that this was, in fact a dream of his as well. When he retired from the US Army in 1967, after many years stationed abroad and at various posts throughout the US, he suggested to my mom that they buy a camper and explore the wondrous United States. Four children aged 8-12 made it nearly impossible to logistically design such a trip, so they put the plan on the back burner until the kids were out of the house.

Unfortunately (though fortunate for their new addition Kimmer), when those four children reached high school, a surprise in the form of a new baby pulled the plans off the back burner and stuck them in the refrigerator for later consumption. Once we graduated from college, Kimmer’s father had retired a second time from Ameritech and, at almost 70, he and mom had little interest in hitting the open road.

What an amazing adventure they may have had, had circumstances… and life… not gotten in the way.

So, here we are, on June 5, 2011 embarking on the trip of a lifetime, a hectic journey onto the highways and biways of what is increasingly becoming a homogenized America to find what our mothers and fathers found comforting about the world besides the ease of Starbucks drive through and the simplicity of the Biggie sized meal.

What we really want you to consider is…

What have you always wanted to do? What have you been putting off?

Life is simply too short to put off plans. We’ve created this blog to share with you our journey and to make you consider, WHAT AM I WAITING FOR!!!!?