The Founder of Cowboy Chic

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In 1946, 45-year-old Jack A. Weil set out to make a durable, reliable, well-designed and affordable shirt for real cowboys. Cowhands across the West wore distinctive hats and boots, but coupled them with ordinary old work shirts – how boring!?

Rockmount’s design were slim fitting which made them less likely to be snagged and if they did, the distinctive snap buttons – which were an innovation at the time – were designed to break away. Of course the shirts were double stitched, and most importantly distinctive and far more stylish than anything else available. As his oldest son Jack entered the business in the 1950s and started selling his Western wear East of the Mississippi, Rockmount proved Jack’s belief that “The West is not a place, but a state of mind.”

He started out wanting to bring fashion to stockyards, but ended up creating real fashion with staying power, cowboy chic, sexy shirts worn by rhinestone, midnight and urban cowboys across the country, as well as some of the world’s most well known rock stars who want to get in touch with their cowboy roots or just wear a damned cool shirt.

Jack Sr. died in 2008 at 107 years young, and up until his death, he worked in the company’s only store, everyday! Shows you just how tough real cowboys are!

Today, the shirts aren’t nearly as “inexpensive” as they once were, but you have to pay for quality, and this is one of the few shirts I would happily shell out $80 for knowing that they’ll never go out of style and I might be able to pass them along to another cowboy when I get tired of it (which I doubt I ever would.)

If any of you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for me, or birthday presents, here are a few I liked best – which of course link directly to the website for easy ordering.