Rockin’ in the Red Rocks

There are countless concert venues and amphitheaters across the country but none are as pretty as the Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado. High in the mountains, surrounded by immense red rocks that glisten in the setting sun and offer an amazing acoustical experience that is nearly impossible for those man-made amphitheaters to imitate.

On a referral from a friend, we drove up to check it out. First we had to hike from our car up the hill to a never-ending staircase to the top of the bowl. In the thin high air of the Rockies, we had to take several breaks and wondered if we would ever make it to the top. On the way, it was clear that this location, and its challenging stairs are a favorite workout location for Denver’s hip young residents.

We made it to the top and our reward, a magnificent view of the valley and a great “hall of fame” in the welcome center at the top. Since it opened in the early 20th century, hundreds of the world’s greatest acts have rated it one of the best venues in the world. High praise, but definitely warranted.

Once we caught our breath and made our way back down. We counted over 400 stairs to the bottom, which meant there were over 400 stairs heading UP to the top as well. On the way down, we also realized the magic of the amphitheater – each thump on the bongo in the hands of a lone drummer on stage could be heard in all corners with the sound reverberating with every whack. I can image how great a world-class musician would sound while performing in this location. We’ve added that to our bucket list.

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