Lamb Fries and Steak

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We were told we just HAD to have a steak while in Oklahoma, and we were lucky that this went more smoothly than the last time someone told us we HAD to have something (see our lobster experience in Maine.)

We decided if we just had to have one, the Cattlemen’s Cafe would provide as good of one as any.

The décor hasn’t changed and neither has their great Oklahoma home cookin’.  Murals and old leather booths mixed perfectly with the line drawings of cowboys (including Ronald Reagan) and old west paintings to send you reeling back into the fifties when real cattlemen and cowhands sat at the bar and devoured steaks harvested from their lots. In fact, a few of those same cowboys were dining AT the restaurant tonight.

While I was in the restroom, Kimmer seized the opportunity to order an Oklahoma specialty he never could’ve talked me into otherwise. I was skeptical of the fried food in front of me that Kimmer told me were called lamb fries. I had several before my loving husband revealed that they were deep fried lamb testicles. Yikes, I won’t be having THAT dish again, in fact, I’m not sure I’m ever going to eat anything Kimmer orders when I’m away from the table. He’s on a short leash for a while.

Then we selected our steak, I chose a small filet and Kimmer picked the house specialty, the strip sirloin. We each ordered a salad as well as broccoli and cheese. I had the house salad dressing – a creamy garlic dressing, that was delicious.

Both steaks were perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. So perfect in fact that for the first time, I didn’t even use the steak sauce that was brought to the table. Without question, it’s definitely one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Oklahoma, make the trip.