Cadillac Ranch

In a cow pasture just west of the bellyache known as Amarillo’s Big Texan 72-oz FREE STEAK, sits ten pieces of classic American muscle arranged in perfect symmetry with the great pyramids of Giza.

The installation, known as Cadillac Ranch features ten junked Chevy automobiles evenly placed to represent a timeline of the manufacturer’s innovations from 1949 through approximately 1963. Originally installed in a different field in 1974 by the installation art team known as the Ant Farm, and funded by the quirky local millionaire Stanley Marsh 3, the cars are buried face down to focus attention on their interesting fin shapes.

Since its installation it was not only allowed, but encouraged to participate in their painting. Judging by the fresh graffiti and dozens of emptied paint cans,  thousands paint the cars each year. Check out the photos.

Not to be outdone, a few miles east of Amarillo, you can find the Slug Bug Ranch along the road which, if you prefer to paint smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, lets you paint classic V.W. Bug.