Sticky Kids and Ribbon Candy

Do they have layaway?

Kimmer is one big sweet tooth. He loves chocolate, brownies, skittles, sweet tarts, really anything sweet. When he saw the Hammonds Candy factory on our list for Boulder, it quickly became a priority.

This Saturday, Hammonds Candy is packed with sticky little kids with dirty faces running wildly about. While we “love” kids, we prefer to see them in smaller, more controlled packs and preferably in captivity instead of running wild. It’s actually the same way we love polar bears.

We checked in for the next tour which, sadly, was 45 LONG minutes away. So, we dodged the pinball children to peruse the gift shop, discount racks and picked out a few (read too many) items to buy.

We learned on the tour that the company, founded 90 years ago, still does much of its candy making as it always has – by hand. We saw two people making ribbon candy which is actually only made by one other company in the US – and no longer so manually.

Hammond is most known for their ribbon candy, but they sell over two million candy canes every year. Their enormous candy canes come in so many different flavors we just had to buy one of each – root beer, gingerbread, caramel apple. We bought three of their cherry candy canes filled with chocolate. Kimmer has already eaten two of them and I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have the third.

This place is great for families and the tour is probably best during the week as you see more candy making than we did. For more information click here.