A Man in Brick Pants and His Art

We have featured many people who have devoted themselves to building a unique structure for their religious beliefs (and some just for fun). The Gilgal Garden located in the heart of Salt Lake City is no different, but just as cool.

Thomas Battersby Child, Jr., a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and a stonemason, created with his own hands a number of sculptures in his backyard dedicated mostly to his religious believes.

His most notable piece is a large Sphinx with the head of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith. Battersby started the stone work in 1947 and worked on it continually for 16 years until his death.

The name Gilgal comes from a child who referred to the park by the Biblical location where Joshua ordered the Israelites to place twelve stones as a memorial.

He has a full body statue of himself with brick pants, many quotes and paths leading from one art work to another, and it’s really serene. The park is now property of the city and offers benches throughout for people to enjoy the experience.

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