A Gem of the Park System

Located in Southwestern Utah, Zion National Park is truly a wonder of our National Parks system. Filled with emerald pools and shy rivers that play hide and seek amongst the soaring Navajo red sandstone cliffs, the park offers something for every interest and physical skill level. You can hike to hidden arches or take a drive into the 1930s engineering marvel that is the 1.1 mile Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel dug deep through a massive mountains but with wall cutouts offering quick glimpses of the amazing landscape.

After seeing paintings by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh of the beautiful canyon that had been exhibited at the St. Louis World’s Fair In 1904, President William Howard Taft proclaimed the Mukuntuweap National Monument in 1909, using the local Native American name for the area which means “long straight canyon.”

As you can imagine, the name was tough to Anglicize, so in 1919, the park was expanded and its name changed to Zion National Park.

Here are a few pictures, hope you enjoy.