Blowing Off Steam in The Brothel Capital

While in Las Vegas last week both our Giant bikes (valued at over $1,000) got stolen right off the back of our RV while parked in the RV lot of Arizona Charlie’s on the Boulder Highway. Of course, we were crushed.

We have felt safe at every campsite on this trip so far, but unfortunately, it’s well known to others that the RV parks located off the Boulder Highway are a bit seedier than we’re used to, with homeless encampments nearby, and drugs, petty theft and muggings being regular occurrences.

We decided it would be safer to relocate to another town, and we’d heard great things about little Pahrump, NV, a rural community one hour west of Las Vegas (“just over the hump in Pahrump” as the say) that has some of the country’s nicer RV communities. It sounded perfect after the big city theft we had just experienced.

Unbeknownst to us, we were relocating to a county that is commonly referred to as the Brothel Capital of Nevada, which by extension makes it the Brothel Capital of the US.  Congratulations, Nye County?

Many believe that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but, it’s just not true. Nevada, as a state, is in fact the only state in the Union that has a legal and regulated sex trade, but only in select rural counties and it’s completely outlawed in Clark County, where Vegas is located.

There are 8 counties with 28 state-approved brothels in Nevada. Two brothels are located in Pahrump – Sheri’s Ranch and the Chicken Ranch – literally right down the road from our campsite. Though they are surprisingly discreet, especially compared to the open ads found throughout Vegas and in the hands of the creepy migrant workers snapping their cards as you walk down the strip.

The Chicken Ranch is one of the most well-known brothels while Sheri’s is apparently upscale resort with a sports bar, pool and tennis courts. Though we’re open for almost anything on this trip, we realized there are DEFINITELY limitations. So we have little more to report about the brothels, as Kimmer stuck to the Pahrump Nugget poker room for his entertainment.

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