The Center of the Universe?

The Fremont District also known as the “Artists Republic of Fremont” is Seattle’s answer to Key West’s Conch Republic artists’ colony. Locals have referred to this area as the “Center of the Universe,” and they are only half kidding, since the area remains the center of the artistic universe of Western Washington.

Just like Key West and Austin, the area is filled with quaint independent stores, coffee shops (both chain and local – I’m not sure which Starbucks is considered in its hometown) and plenty of artistic installations which draw tourists from their city site-seeing.

There’s the Fremont Troll, a cold-war Vladamir Lenin statue savaged from Slovakia, and the “Waiting for Interurban” statue featuring Seattlelites awaiting the bus which is dressed and decorated almost daily by the locals. Of course this isn’t everything, just a sampling, but it was definitely worth a stop.

We visited the Fremont District on a Sunday and were lucky enough to enjoy the Fremont market with some local food and some of the best new local artists, as well as some pretty cool vintage items – from posters and magazines to printing blocks, clothes and more. We also stopped at a vintage store where we found a postcard that doubles as a vinyl record that was distributed during the World’s Fair – quite a souvenir.

This was a fun stop to experience the Seattle culture, click here for more information.