Under The Bridge

There is a troll that lives under a bridge in Seattle, at least there once WAS a troll that’s now turned to stone – we saw it in person.

The troll’s remains sit beneath the Aurora Bridge and its 18-foot tall body is now completely made of steel rebar and concrete. The Fremont Troll appears to have been turned to stone as he ate, still grasping a Volkswagen Beetle that he must have swiped from the highway above.

The Fremont District, located over a ridge on Seattle’s northern edge is the city’s hippest art area, and four artists – Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead – thought it needed as mascot, and the area’s most visited landmark was created.

I climbed up to the troll’s resting hand, but tourists unafraid of the troll awakening and searching a quick meal can climb closer to his mouth and all the way to the top of his head. Currently under renovation, it’s still a great photo opportunity – for more information, click here.