Kimmer Callahan Meet Kimmer Callahan

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Growing up with the name Kimmer was hard, but as I got older, I learned to appreciate and even grew to love my name.

I’m the only person I knew who could legitimately consider dropping his last name like a rock star and still be recognized, like Madonna or Elvis. A “Jim” or “Jason” or even a “Larry” can’t pull that one off without the perfect context.

It’s a built-in conversation topic. “Is that a nickname?” No. “Is it your real name?” Yes, on my birth certificate. “Is it a family name?” Yes. And my favorite, is that “short for something?” No.

And, combined with “Callahan” the name always sounded a bit musical, like a flashy Celtic jig. If I said it with an Irish accent you’d think I was talking about some magical leprechaun.

But, what I learned to love most about my name was that it was absolutely one of a kind. It was unlikely that I would ever meet another “Kimmer” in person, and there was NO chance I’d ever find another “Kimmer Callahan.”

But… I did.

A few years ago, while conducting a Google search for my name (It’s what Kimmers do), I came across an attorney in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho called  ”Kimmer W. Callahan.” I immediately sent him a message to confirm his name was, in fact, “Kimmer” and to my honest surprise, he responded to confirm that it was his given name. Since then we’ve corresponded once in a while, and I’ve always had a strange desire to meet him in person. This trip finally gave me that opportunity.

I can’t remember the last time I was as excited as when I heard the knock on our hotel room door last night. After the briefest of introductions (“Kimmer? Hey, I’m Kimmer”), we went to dinner and drinks, we met his lovely wife Amy, and we had a great time.

Of course, it’s a little melancholy to realize that I’m not nearly as unique as I once thought (by half), I have to say, he’s definitely, the nicest Kimmer Callahan I’ve ever met!

Here’s Kimmer Callahan and Kimmer Callahan. I’m the Kimmer Callahan on the left. He’s the Kimmer Callahan on MY left.