Looking up at God’s Skyscrapers

When man coined the term “skyscraper” in the late 19th century for his monumental ten-story structures, I imagine God laughed. For centuries, he’d built cities of trees across the continent, covering the Pacific coastline with rolling hills of mighty Redwoods, 25-30 stories taller than any man-made building at the time and home for more inhabitants than most of man’s largest cities.

The 240 acres of old-growth Redwood forests within the Muir Woods National Monument represent only a fraction of the estimated 2 million acres that were here prior to the logging industry’s entrance into the area.

Today, the cool wet climate allows the mighty Redwoods to maximize their growth and many reach more than 200 feet, with the tallest reaching 250 feet into the air. The most mature old men in the forest have seen it all from their high perch on the hill – the discovery and founding of our nation, the gold rush and the death of many of their friends to building material.

Being there is like walking into history, if only they could share their stories.

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