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No other city has the Wild West reputation of Tombstone. From its roots as unforgiving Indian land to its stubborn founding by prospector Ed Schieffelin, who after being told that if he went out to that barren piece of land, the only thing he would find was his own grave, chose to found the town under the name of “tombstone.” It might hold claim to being the toughest, and most exciting town, in all the Wild West.

From the moment Shieffelin found silver in the flat land called Gooseneck, the town was a beacon to the country’s most decorated fortune seekers and outlaws.  It’s where the legends of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were cemented at and leading up to the famous shootout at the OK Corral with the Clanton game.

Of course, today, the mines have shut down and the most valuable ore is tourist. The dusty streets and store fronts have been maintained and crutched by legend, and daily gunfights and historic shows help to make your visit one to remember.

For $6, we chose to visit the Wyatt Earp Theater for their daily gun-fight/history play since it offered the only weekday morning show and we had a six hour drive back to our RV that night. The gunfights were very well acted, though some of the death scenes could have been less dramatic – imagine Bugs Bunny “dying” in front of Elmer Fudd or Fred Sanford calling for Elizabeth.

After the show, we walked down the dusty main street stopping at all the shops and one saloon, the famous Crystal Room, for a beer – where of course they had Tombstone playing on the big screen.

Definitely worth a stop (and better than our visit to Dodge City) – though it could use a little illegal gambling.

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