Rockin’ Trees!

Over 200 million years, a massive log jam at the head of a prehistoric river created one of the world’s largest Petrified Forest at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

Years ago, as the felled trees lay decaying in the riverbed, they were quickly covered in organic material and later buried in volcanic ash. This perfect storm caused the trees tissue to be replaced with rock, perfectly preserving these massive redwoods until they were unearthed by the regions’ wind and water erosion.

While in the state, we made the drive to the site to see it for ourselves. We hiked to different trails and saw the wonder first hand. Against the windswept desert plain, the fossilized trees come alive with shimmering colors against the back drop of the Painted Desert Mountains.

There are many trails to hike while there, and we decided to traverse the Giant Log trail first, just inside the entrance gate, then on to the Long Log and Agate House trails.

The Giant Log trail, like the name indicates, has some of the largest examples of petrified wood including “Old Faithful” who is 10 feet wide at his base. At the end of the Agate House trail was a small replication of a pueblo home that is made out of the forest’s petrified wood. It is a most colorful home we’ve ever seen.

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