Would You Like a Beer with That?

Keller’s Drive-In on Dallas’s North side is one of “a few” greasy-spoon drive-ins we’ve visited on our trip – let’s just say that this area staple gave us our “heart-attack” badge on foursquare (I’m not sure if that’s what it was called, but it should be).

The place, of course, focuses on burgers, fries and… beer. That’s right, this has to be one of the only DRIVE-INS in the country that says, “Hey guy in that two ton vehicle, would you like a beer delivered directly to your window with your burger?” The original location at 6537 E. Northwest Highway was doing some brisk business, with lots of cars, trucks and a large number of motorcycles partaking of the beer and burgers, and chilling on some old car bench seats near the building.

We parked, and a waitress immediately visited to let us know that the menu was on the front of the building – out of our view. So we hopped out, ordered their standard #5 special, a greasy, messy double-decker cheeseburger with their special sauce. Unfortunately, we opted for the diet coke instead of light beer.

The burgers were great and we even considered ordering a second. Definitely worth a stop.