Recycling at It’s Finest

John Milkovisch loved beer. He loved beer so much that he covered the outside of his house with his empties.  But that’s not all, John is also a pretty talented craftsman, with an artist’s eye, and that’s why his house has become a vital piece of Houston’s quirky art scene.

The peculiar Mikovisch dedicated about seven years to the project, much to his wife’s chagrin. He even went so far as to design and hang can-top curtains from the eaves, which creates a wonderful cacophony of jingling and rattling that both calms and frightens simultaneously.

John had not particular brand allegiance, going so far as to say that his favorite beer was whatever was on sale. And, I know exactly what you’re wondering – did he drink all that beer? Yes, John, his wife Mary and neighbors drank every can and bottle.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not estimated (before the whole masterpiece was complete) that he used at least 50,000 cans. That’s a lot of beer!

Check out the photos below, and visit the official website here.