BBQ Capital of Texas

While standing in line for some succulent jambalaya at Coop’s in New Orleans, we met and chatted with a few native Texans who highly encouraged us to stop by Lockhart, Texas. What they didn’t tell us at the time was Lockhart was officially named, by act of the state legislature, as the barbeque capital of the state of Texas. Everyone knows that Texas has some tasty barbecue, but if it hadn’t been for them, we would’ve missed out on the best in the state.

Since we’ve had quite a lot of barbecue on the trip, and prior to our vegetarianism, we were pretty excited to eat the best. From what we researched, it seems Black’s is the reigning champ among the capital, so we were lucky to arrive just after the lunch rush on a slow Wednesday afternoon. Open eight days a week, we figured the regulars had just taken a day off from the deliciousness.

Serving cafeteria style, we were guided to pick a few sides, but we were really there for the meat. Kimmer chose their classic homemade sausage and lean brisket, both made famous by Lyndon Johnson, who, as President had ordered the sausage and brisket for a state dinner – had It delivered directly from Black’s under Secret Service guidance. I chose the juicy brisket, and we found a seat.

The meat was amazing, slow cooked in special pits built in behind the counter and continually smoking the meat. Their house sauce was sweet and tangy, but also a little smoky – very good. Kimmer went back for a second helping of sausage – which was the stand out of the meal. Truly amazing!

Now, when we get a hankerin’ for some fresh barbecue, we’ll know where to fly. For more information, or to order your own online visit their website. Also, if you order anything, it’s just polite to send us something.