A Stroll Down the River

While staying overnight in San Antonio, you’re pretty much required to stroll down Riverwalk for dinner. Alright you twisted our arm! We’ll do it.

Originally designed as a solution to the regular and devastating flooding that plagued the city, and killed 50 individuals in 1921 alone, San Antonio’s Riverwalk has been a regularly expanding and changing feature of San Antonio’s landscape since it was funded by a WPA grant in 1939. Today, it’s the heart of the city and serves as a perfect stop for tourists visiting the Alamo and for locals.

We splurged on two dinners at the Republic of Texas restaurant, got a wonderful private song from a mariachi band (the second of our trip) and fed most of our bread to the local street urchins – the ducks. The waiter told us tourists are allowed to feed the ducks however locals are strictly prohibited – weird, I guess whatever makes the tourists happy.

Check out the pictures below.