A Real (ity) Biker’s Bar

If you watched any TV in 2010, then you probably saw a commercial or two for Ma’s Roadhouse on truTV featuring the deep, raspy voice of the incorrigible 70-year-old “Ma”. The show is about the business of Rick Fairless, a motorcycle enthusiast who owns the “Stroker” complex in Dallas, and prominently features his mother Sharon Fairless.

The Stroker Dallas enterprise includes a tattoo parlor, custom motorcycle shop and biker bar and grill. Ma runs the biker bar – Stroker’s Ice House as both manager and cook. Her quirks, her early morning drinking and her crush on one of her long time employees made the show a favorite for The Soup and other clip shows, and was a certifiable hit for the network.

While we’ve never seen the show, we’ve seen (and heard) plenty of Ma, so we were intrigued and just had to visit.

Parking’s an absolute nightmare for cars, which is understandable since all the businesses cater to the motorcycle crowd. We finally found parking on the street and walked past the tattoo parlor and custom bike shop to the bar. We’ve visited a lot of places, some not the most savory, but we’ve never felt so out of place as we did here. Kimmer was wearing his “Jack’s Custom Cycles” shirt direct from Old Navy and amongst  the sea of black leather, tattoos and Harley jackets, it was like a beacon reminding everyone there that we were tourists. It didn’t help that I made him carry the camera.

Some of the bikers were the corporate type, weekend warriors out for a Sunday drive – but even they were wearing their leather best. The others were clearly long-time bikers, many with cut off tees accentuating their pumped up biceps, and they were a bit intimidating. After we ordered our favorite low-carb beer (I mean, why not stand out more with a Michelob Ultra) we walked in the patio area where live music was rockin’ the place. I prayed Kimmer wouldn’t get too close, bump a bike and send an entire row of Harleys and customs to a clattering end. That would not be good considering Kimmer’s more of a lover than a fighter… and he’s a bit of a bleeder.

We ended up in the bar taking in the atmosphere while finishing our beer. There was popcorn and peanuts available along with full menu but we didn’t see any waitresses – they probably hoped we’d just go away. After finishing off our beers, we stopped by the custom motorcycle shop and made small talk with Rick without realizing who he was until later. It went something like this.

Rick: Afternoon sir

Kimmer: How are you?

Rick: Doin’ Great… this pretty lady with you?

Kimmer: As long as she’ll have me.

Rick: Good answer.

If only we’d known, we’d have snapped a photo.

Unfortunately, it appears the show was cancelled after only seven episodes but you can still see full episodes on truTV.com for a fee or a few of our favorite clips below.