Honky Tonkin’ in a Big Way!

So, we’re in Texas, and what do you do when you’re in Texas? Of course, you head to a honky tonk. But not just ANY honky tonk, you head to the world’s LARGEST tonk! Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth offers 127,000 square feet of honky tonkin’ fun – bull riding, live music, two dance floors, a restaurant, a half-dozen or so bars and a gift shop.

We arrived at 8 p.m., in plenty of the time to see both Friday night rodeo shows, grabbed a beer and headed to the back to watch Chris and The Roughnecks roll some two-steppin’ music for the crowd that had already gathered. Old and young, the two and three-steppers were wearin’ their honky-tonk best – cowboys in perfectly formed Stetsons and too-tight jeans over their right-off-the-ranch boots, and cowgirls sporting their Sunday makeup, shiny boots and even tighter jeans. Vic had worn her Texas cowboy hat, and though none of the other ladies wore them, I thought she looked damn good and fit right in. If only I knew how to lead a two-step.

At 9 p.m. we made our way to the rodeo ring their first bull riding show of the night. The show is designed for tourists and families, and at only $3/person, it’s quite affordable. The show features only a few riders and it’s over before you know it – the rides go by very quickly, and that’s kind of the point, since they want you to be back in the bar lubing up with some libations before the concert.

It definitely whet our appetite for bull riding and we just had to spend $3 more for the ten o’clock show.

After the second show, people began taking their seat for the feature concert by former American Idol finalist and country hit maker Josh Gracin. (I know – “country hit maker”? Apparently, he’s had 10 hit chart singles – who knew?) The show didn’t kick off until 10:30 and by then, we were dead tired, so we watched about 30 minutes of his set and headed out for our hour drive back to the RV, satisfied that we maximized our first (but hopefully not last) honky tonk experience.

Learn more about Billy Bob’s here.