If This Shack’s A’Rockin’

A recent whirlwind trip to Mississippi found us checking into perhaps the coolest one-star hotel in the country – the famous “Shack Up Inn” in Clarksdale. On the historic location of the Hopson Plantation, where in 1941 the revolutionary mechanical cotton picker was unveiled, the Shack up Inn consists of six original sharecropper shacks only moderately updated.

Sure, there’s indoor plumbing and electricity, but the cool breeze tickling your feet through the cracks in the front door and slipping through the worn bedsheets covering the window reminds you, as the website says “The Ritz Carlton we ain’t.”

But, don’t get us wrong, after slopping through the delta mud – literally – on our way to our “Fullilove Shack” we fell in love with our little shotgun shed. Every inch is chosen to pour you into the experience. The one room shack had closed-circuit blues music on the television (and no other stations available) license plates covering floor holes and shabbily hung cupboards holding mismatched dishes. Most of the shacks, including ours, comes with a standup piano that we of course had to play a few licks on.

We were excited to have a surprise visitor that evening – a local stray we named Hobo. The young cat rushed up to Victoria as we entered the cabin and followed us in. After checking out the lay of the land (read: looked for food), she hopped up on the bed and made herself at home. She was the sweetest kitty and purred like a jet engine. Maybe it’s the road, maybe it was missing our own cats, but we were glad to have her. We let Hobo stay with us for the night, and between playing with our hair and begging to be stroked, she and we slept pretty peacefully.

If you ever find yourself Clarksdale, the Shack Up Inn is definitely worth a night. Click here to reserve your stay.