Cajun Tea Makes It All Better

Celebration Distillation Company in New Orleans offers public tours, and since we had a friend in town, have already toured about seven breweries, and we had some time to kill we decided to give rum a try. The distillery offers a couple of tours each day ($10/each). After lunch, we headed over from the French Quarter.

While waiting in the lobby of the rum distillery, we were given a sample of what they call the Old New Orleans Cajun Iced tea – a mixture of their Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum, simple syrup and unsweetened tea. This tour was already starting off great and getting better with each sip.

We found out quickly why they started the tour with a little pour when our bartender, a young man in his 20s, stumbled over his words while trying to explain the brewing process in what turned out to be one of the longest, most painfully awkward tours we’ve been on. For forty-five minutes, he staggered through while we all begged for it to be over so we could get to the rum tasting at the end.

Early on, while I was still listening, he told us about Old New Orleans experiences during and following the 2005 landing of Hurricane Katrina. The distillery was under 8 and a half feet of water, flooded high on the walls. Luckily for them, 85% of the product survived and they were able to continue selling inventory to local bars who made a concerted effort to buy from other small local businesses. Thanks to this support, the company didn’t miss a beat and has grown each year since the disaster.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we arrived back at the lobby for tastings. We were able to sample all four of their rums – 10-year aged, Cajun, Amber and Crystal varieties. All are aged no less than 3-years in old whiskey barrels.

We have more recently grown attached to rum and bought a bottle of their Crystal to mix with diet soda… Delicious! Check out their entire inventory and history here