Alabama’s Most Visited Tourist Attraction?

Truth be told, the airlines do a pretty good job with our luggage, and few will ever actually have to deal with delayed or worse yet lost baggage. But, one quarter of one half of a percent of luggage checked each year by passengers (0.125%) never makes it to back to its owner’s hands and is “lost forever”.  A minuscule  percentage for sure, but even such a small amount is enough to fill 40,000 square feet of warehouse space and make Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro Alabama quite a profitable organization.

This Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC) is, according to the Alabama tourism department, the most popular tourist attraction in the state. By the time we’d visited UBC we’d already seen dozens of Alabama tourist destinations and towns and let us assure you that being the most popular tourist attraction in Alabama is like being the most influential album by Vanilla Ice.

From where our RV was bedded for the evening, the UBC was quite a drive – nearly 4 ½ hours to be more precise, but, we thought for sure this was a drive we had to make, expecting that the many great deals would be worth it.

Boy, were we sadly misguided. We walked into to the store to find at best a glorified thrift store atmosphere. Racks of worn clothing were sorted by size and color; electronics were unceremoniously tossed into zip-loc bags; shelves of pre-read books were thrown into generalized categories like “biography” and “science”; used hockey and weightlifting equipment was strewn haphazardly through the “sporting goods” section; and one wall was filled with used DVDs and CDs unsorted or alphabetized – making it nearly impossible to find or buy.

But, we realized, the store’s thrift store disorder did not come with thrift store pricing. Back home, we’re thrift store junkies, preferring to support local charities while finding the occasional bargain. Here, there were no “finds” to be had – the best stuff had premium pricing. Not just high for used equipment, high for discount new retailers as well. We kept asking ourselves – “we sat in the car for four hours for this???”

I purchased two blouses for $15, we checked out their “housewares” annex which was even worse, hopped in the car and vowed to be more picky about our next 4 hour adventure.

We recommend if you want to visit, just send us the budgeted gas money and head to your local thrift store. You’re welcome!!!