All Aboard the Midnight Train!

As we’ve headed deeper into the South it’s become clear that we had to partake of some “Chicken and Waffles” – a true soul food classic. How this combination came to be so prominent in southern homes isn’t exactly known. Some say it traces its roots back to Thomas Jefferson and his French-purchased waffle iron, others believe it’s a leftover of slavery and rural life while even others say it was developed in Harlem’s glory days.

However this combo came to be a dynamic duo, we knew exactly where we had to go for a taste – Gladys and Rons’ Chicken and Waffles restaurant in downtown Atlanta. Co-founded by multiple Grammy winner Gladys Knight and gospel singer Ronald Winans

We rolled in early, sat down and immediately ordered. We chose the Midnight Train which, in addition to being one of the best love songs ever written, is four pieces of fried chicken with one waffle and a side order of macaroni and cheese. The food came quickly and we dove right in – soon we realized why they call it soul food. The chicken was extra crispy on the outside and very juicy on the inside and the macaroni and cheese was absolutely scrumptious. For dessert we had to try their famous sweet potato cheesecake, a wonderful topper to the meal, and good enough to strengthen your soul.

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