A Truck Stop, Just South of the Border

South of the Border can only be described as the Wall Drug of the East Coast. Similar to Wall Drug, the tourist oasis is known for its corny and sometimes hilarious billboards advertising their many roadside attractions. Mexican-themed and much larger than Wall Drug, South of the Border features not only restaurants, gas stations and a motel, but also a tiny little amusement park, shopping and what they’re most-known for, fireworks. The rest area is lorded over by Pedro, a not-so-politically-correct Mexican bandito – think Hamburgler without the hamburgers.

We absolutely love roadside attractions and any reason to stop and stretch our legs. So this has been on our list since we saw it featured on Travel Channel’s Extreme Truck Stops. S.O.B. as it’s known is located just off I-95 south of the North Carolina border – which is of course how it got its name.

We walked around the shops for over an hour which just scratched the surface. We browsed two large gift shops, took pictures in front of a few of the many kooky statues including a gorilla, horse, and walked their sparse arcade. You can also pay a small fee to hike to the top of their massive sombrero tower which at 165 feet seemed a bit daunting – we passed.

There were more shops across the street, but as we couldn’t find a spot large enough for our RV and tow, we decided to get back on the road. But it was well worth a visit!