We’re Definitely Not Spies… Or Are We?

First, get in the mood by thinking about hunky spies like James Bond (I prefer Sean Connery), Jason Bourne (the dreamy Matt Damon) or sexy femme fatales like Evelyn Salt (played by Angelina Jolie). Consider what it would be like to deceive for a living, imagine lying to save your life and the lives of others, visualize selling secrets for large sums of cash. Then, pay your admission to this unique museum in Washington D.C. and get ready for some fun!

After paying  $18/person ($15 for children), the private museum, forces you into character by herding you into a briefing room where you are asked to pick from a dozen or so aliases for your time there. And the kiosk gives your “mission”. Throughout the museum, there are other kiosks that ask you questions about your alias and your mission – don’t screw up, lives are at stake!

Inside, you explore elaborate exhibits about bugs (not the moving creatures but the hidden microphones), covert weapons like lipstick and cane guns, and tools like invisible ink. There were interactive displays that illustrate the skill of disguise and much more. The museum starts with the first tools used in the spy industry and works its way forward to present day.

This was the last stop of the day so we regrettably rushed through the last half of the museum – which is HUGE! We did stop at the end to test our knowledge of our mission. Kimmer and I scored well but our friend, Barb, was on overload and missed a few questions.  I guess she just isn’t spy material.

Kimmer and I on the other hand could get a call from the CIA any time. Heck, we might already be spies – might help explain the “running from the law in an RV” thing.

Definitely a great place to spend a day, but it might be a bit advanced for smaller children. Check out the site here.