26th Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Championships

Though our Delaware campsite was only a half an hour from one of the coolest events on the East Coast, we were just too excited to visit our friends in Ashland, Virginia. So we decided to drive south and set up camp with my plan to convince them to make the 4-hour drive back north to see pumpkins thrown nearly a mile by modern and medieval machinery at the 26th annual World Championship of Punkin Chunkin.

Upon arrival, I commenced to my convincing and quickly it was agreed that this would be a great road trip for the boys, while the girls caught up over a chick flick… win… win… win.

We hit the road Friday after work and after a 4 1/2 trip, we settled into our hotel. What had been promised as a “suite” would never hold up to cross examination. We unfolded the “sleeper” sofa, whose primary stability bar lay so perfectly, and deeply, in the middle of my spine that no one could ever sleep on that sofa.

After playing a few iPad video games and introducing Wallace to the AMC television series Breaking Bad, I fell restlessly into the torture device for a few hours of sleep.

The morning alarm came too soon, and after a quick breakfast, we rushed over to get a prime view of the day’s activities. Since this was our first ever visit, we weren’t sure what to expect, and realized quickly we were too early.

Perhaps I’d grown spoiled by clear, warm weather, but this morning, in Delaware the windy nip over my giant ears was just awful, forcing us to huddle in the car for a lot of our morning. Travel tip #1 – bring layers.

But, once the event started, it was well worth the visit. Seeing a medieval trebuchet throw a pumpkin so far that its remains must be marked by four wheelers nearly a mile away just so they can tell wear it landed is not a bi-passable moment.

This is something everyone should see… so here’s a video from last year’s chunk (2010) for you to enjoy and some pictures I took as well.