The People of New York City

Sure, the buildings are beautiful, the stores open 24 hours are wonderful and the wide variety of commerce is amazing, but what makes New York City great are the people.

And it takes all types to make New York City the amazing city it is. Most of them just like you and me – some might say “ordinary” – but we took a lot of pictures and wanted to feature some of the more extraordinary we saw during our visit to the city.


There were even more pigeons on him, but our flash scared them away.

It took a while for these guys to get going, but once they did, it was quite a show - high flying AND funny!

We would suggest #Occupying a space NOT real close to this "hug for profit" gentleman.

At first we thought this was a small dog, but, no, it's a large cat... being walked... on a leash... in a crowded park.

Ma'am, one of the Bee Gees is in your bag.

The bongo people of Washington Square.

Street artist classing up this tourist a little with a tuxedo. Nice!

Warmin' up the crowd at Washington Square with some classical violin.