Monsterface Productions Brings You…

Always on the lookout for interesting people, we walked headlong into the most interesting of interesting just of the southern steps of the High Line in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

Marty Allen is a wonderfully curious character and his sales table caught our attention immediately, because you see, Marty makes sock puppets. He then creates a portrait of the characters, frames that portrait, writes a detailed biography and signs the back of each.

But wait, there’s more. The characters he creates then appear in a scripted sock puppet soap opera. What? Yes, soap opera called Sock Puppet Manor – you can see that below!

This is Phineas. This is how it starts.

He makes a living doing this… Seriously. When I asked him “Do you do a brisk business here?” He said, he does alright describing how he and his fellow street artisans have termed their lifestyles “living the dream limited.” I can see the t-shirts now – LTD, ltd. I’m surprised this creative industrious gentleman hasn’t already claimed that name for his business.

We fell in love with this his cute, zany sock puppets. While I imagine many of the framed portraitures are purchased as fanciful imagery for a child’s bedroom, the quality and value pricing make it a valid, whimsical choice for any room. In other words, his market, though you would think small, is actually quite wide and he adds value with his kooky little online soap opera.

Marty grew up in Massachusetts and attended the Massachusetts College of Art. He’s in a band, loves music, and even once challenged himself to write 30 songs in 30 days – THREE times! That’s 90 original songs! Then, when he got addicted to sock puppets, he did the same thing with puppets, but this time only twice (that’s 60 original puppets!) which led to his founding of Uncle Monsterface – and the nuttiness that now finds itself at a table somewhere in New York City.

DO NOT MISS EPISODES 1-2 of Sockpuppet manor below – and there’s a lot of other silly stuff on Marty’s UncleMonsterface channel Check it out! (who likes “Like a Prayer” with puppets?)

And check out more cool stuff and order YOUR sockpuppet portrait here