A Dream for Immigrants, and Us

Kimmer and I visited the Statue of Liberty while we were dating and living in Delaware way back in 1998, hiking the 354 steps to the crown with my Mom and Dad. We’ve always felt lucky to have visited before the many restrictions that are now require for visitors today – though we’re also equally glad for those security enhancements.

As young adults, we were of course pulled to the Statue, and missed the vastly more historically significant Ellis Island, and have always been determined to spend at least a few hours there. Unfortunately, our plans were once again foiled, and we’ll have to add it to the bucket list for the future.

After our adventure on the Today Show, sore and tired we took the subway to the south of Manhattan where we can catch the ferry. But, we were met by a sea of people standing impatiently in a long, long, long… yes… LONG… line.

After inquiring, we realized there was a line JUST to purchase ferry tickets. But, wait that’s not all. After purchasing our tickets we would have to then head to the rear of the next queue that wrapped around the building and into tents waiting to board the ferry.

As much as we wanted to experience Ellis Island on this trip, we had lunch plans with our friend Susanne and opted to wait. Of course, I was disappointed but I can come back and visit my sister and her family and eventually experience Ellis Island without the line, or at least when the line doesn’t seem so daunting.

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