Stand in line people, it’s worth it!

In planning lunch with our friend in the Big Apple, we asked that she pick a place that screamed New York. She chose a place on the south end of Madison Square Park called the Shake Shack that is known and loved by New Yorkers and tourists alike. We finished with the Museum of Sex early and made our way to the park for some people (and dog) watching. After killing a half an hour, we made our way to the restaurant, which was, as it is named, really just a simple shack.

And as Molly had warned us, there was already (at 11:20) quite a long line. So, we made the executive decision to hop in line and keep an eye out for our friend. Luckily, she joined us just as we reached the front of the line, and while we were excited to get started talking, we had pending business! We decided to share a Shack Burger, fries with cheese and a soda. We try to split most meals for cost saving and to save our appetite for other deliciousness a city may offer.

The cheeseburger was good but on the small side (we should’ve purchased two this time around), and the fries were great. For once, I probably would have skipped the cheese sauce as they were good all by themselves.

As we chatted about our plan for the day, the line got longer and longer, and we soon learned New Yorkers aren’t afraid to stand in a line for good, inexpensive food – so, where there’s a line people… hop in it!