Cupcakes and Cocktails

Hey, I’ve got a great idea. First, make a wide array of really great cupcakes, then suggest a exceptional wine or beer to pair with the cupcake. Sounds awesome right?

Too late, Sweet Revenge in New York City has already cornered the market, and grown wildly over the last few years. While exploring the West Village, we had to stop to experience this place. The petite little boutique shop has a handful of bistro tables and a few bar seats, so finding a spot is definitely a challenge. We found three empty seats at the bar along the window, which afforded us some good opportunities for people watching.

After a few moments looking over the menu, I ordered a red velvet cupcake with a sparkling blush wine, while Kimmer and our friend Molly ordered the pistachio with a strawberry flavored Belgian beer.

The drinks were perfectly paired, but as Molly had warned us, the cupcakes were a tad dry. But, for only $13 each (with tip), this place is an absolute steal, and definitely worth a stop.

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