A Day at the Museum… Not Enough

When I hear the word “museum” I cringe. So far on our trip we’ve visited what has felt like two-hundred museums – cool ones, lame ones, big ones, small ones. But when our hard-to-impress brother-in-law from New York raved about the American Museum of Natural History, I had to take notice, because this quickly became a must see.

We carved out a few hours, but soon realized a full day wouldn’t be enough. Even with our advanced “museuming” skills, master planning and strategic “skipovers” we could never squeeze enough into one visit, or even hope to see a tenth of what this place had to offer.

The four massive floors hold so much its overwhelming. We started on the first level, right off the lobby checking out the Asian artifacts and Mammals of Asia. After about an hour of wandering through the exhibit, Kimmer quickened his step and decided to just go for the best stuff – dinosaurs!

The prehistoric exhibits have something for everyone. The immense size of the dinosaurs is perfect for capturing the imagination of children, but the information and interactive kiosks make the visit worthwhile for the archeologist in all of us! On this level alone, there were four large rooms with animals from a variety of prehistoric periods and landscapes, each carefully mounted and thoroughly explained.

While these displays were truly incredible, we were unable to see the “largest dinosaur” display as it was an additional charge. Since the city had taken most of our budget and we had already spent $38 for admission, we opted to skip it this round. $19 per ticket initially sounded hefty, but this is a day’s worth of entertainment and learning, you can’t beat that.

When we return, it will definitely be during the week and we’ll have to carve out a full day or two.

For more information visit the museum online.