That’s us… on the Today Show!

Seeing the Today Show live in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, as lame as it might sound, has always been on my list of musts. I have been a Matt Lauer fan since he started co-hosting with Katie Couric in 1997, but then, what girl isn’t. He’s quite handsome. And, while I don’t get to watch the show very often, I’d catch it on a rare occasion and sometimes with the weekend crew.

This was thoroughly planned – we created signs with our logo and website and organized ourselves to be first in line to ensure a prime spot, and boy did we get one!

We stayed overnight on the Upper West Side just off Broadway on 94th Street in a small but comfortable (and most importantly affordable) hotel room. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday in the city, so cranking ourselves out of bed on Monday at 3:45 was difficult. We know, 3:45 in the morning is ridiculous – what are we miners?

Anyway, we were surprised to be catching the downtown train with a quite a few of similarly exhausted people. We got off at 50th and walked the rest of the way to Rockefeller Plaza arriving at just after 4:30. Of course, no one was there (since Ben Stiller was the day’s biggest draw), so we hopped over to get a coffee and muffin and when we returned were greeted by three nice women from Tennessee. Two had been on the show before, and the other was trying desperately to get through the last day with her overbearing big sister.

It wasn’t until just after 5 a.m. that we were joined by a nice older couple from California. And after 6:00 the line began to grow, until just after 6:30 they walked us through a security checkpoint and we hustled for a prime spot, right next to Linney.

For those of you who don’t know Linney. He’s a retired Brit who has missed only 3 Today Show tapings in the last two decades. Quite a celebrity in his own right, our spot next to him afforded us the privilege of being in the background of dozens of tourist photos with the legendary Linney, as well as some prolonged time with the anchors who each personally greeted him.

But, best of all, we got nearly 60 seconds of TV time with our sign and website. Check out our friend Chad’s recording below and see additional photos below.