A Lot Less Sticky – This Time!

We visited Atlantic City several years ago in the primetime summer season. On that visit, we spent most of our time avoiding orange-tanned Jersey Shore castoffs with over-Aqua Netted hair as they argued their way down the dirty, litter-strewn boardwalk. We had high expectations – hoping, at the time, that it would be like Las Vegas, with a beach. But the sticky boardwalk with its cheap stores, street meat and grime did not meet even our least glamorous expectations.

This time around, we lowered our expectations and visited in October, and this time, we were pleasantly surprised. The place seemed cleaner, less crowded and much, much less sticky. Apparently, once the regulars head home, they get out the brooms and mops and get it ready for the family crowd.

Like last time, we made our way through several casinos on our walk down the boardwalk. This time, we even stopped at the arcade and a shop or two to buy souvenirs and paid for our $48/night hotel room with a little win in three-card poker.

Perhaps that little profit is why we enjoyed this trip much, but, since the Golden Nugget has not purchased Trump Maria and is in the process of renovating, we’ll definitely be back.