Some Things Can Be Done… As Well As Others.

Buried in Rochester New York’s center lies a beautiful natural remnant of a different time, a time when Rochester was an industrial and entrepreneurial power. Still a solid city with a pretty downtown, beautiful urban renewal efforts and relative safety, Rochester Falls was the source of many of the city’s successes – brewing, manufacturing and energy.

We came here however to see the falls that The Yankee Jumper Sam Patch, one of the period’s best known daredevils, met his end. Patch took the 120 foot plunge over Niagara Falls in October of 1829 and lived, becoming the first person ever to do so, fueling his celebrity.

On 6 November 1829 he jumped 100 feet from the Upper Falls of the Genesee in Rochester, New York, accompanied by his pet bear – that’s right “pet bear.” A week later, on of all days, Friday the 13th, Patch made the jump again, but did not survive.

He famously once said “Some things can be done, as well as others.”

Where are our daredevils of today?