More beer? Okay!

We’ve now visited many breweries on our journey across the states – ironic, since this is a driving tour, but don’t worry, we never drink and drive EVER! We’ve visited everything from tiny craft breweries to some of the country’s largest. While in Boston, we couldn’t pass up a chance to sample some local brew. Top on the list for Boston craft breweries is Harpoon, most well-known for their IPA, which stands for India Pale Ale.

Tip of the Day: Here’s a fact you can use in a bar to get your friends to buy a round. The reason IPA is called IPA is because it was beer, shipped by the English to India. As a result, they used alcohol and hops in an innovative fashion to preserve the beer for the trip. Thus, it’s distinctive flavor, and Harpoon’s is one of the finest examples.

Upon arrival at Harpoon with our friend and Boston tour guide, Boston Robb, we readily forked over $5 each for the upcoming 10:30 tour. We perused the well-suited gift shop for the few minutes before our tour was called and we walked through glass doors to the brewery. As should be the case with every gracious host, we were immediately greeted with a glass and a sample of UFO (Unfiltered Offering) Hefeweizen – always a great way to start a brunch or brunch tour. Then a representative spoke about the brewing process… since we’re old hat at this, we’ll just say – yada yada yada.

Then we walked down stairs for more about the Harpoon brewing and, oh yeah another sample of IPA which, this time, had not been filtered – very hoppy and a bit bitter. Then we toured the bottling section and finally storage.

The best part of the tour was coming. We headed back to the gift shop/bar for even more beer (thank goodness we were only touring Boston by foot!) For the next half hour, we were encouraged to sample any of their eleven beers. By far Harpoon is the best craft brewery tour we’ve ever done – because they know what the people want – beer! And they give the people what they want.

This is definitely worth a stop if touring Boston. For more information click here.