Mmmm…. Frozen Custard

Our very last stop in Boston was a pretty hoppin’ place called pinkberry®. And when we say “hoppin’,” we mean hoppin. Our friend Robb took us to two locations, both of which had lines pouring through the front doors. We settled at the Newbury street location where the lined coiled around the seating are inside, out the door and up the stairs to the street. For the few moments we had to consider what was coming, I grew a bit anxious that the wait would lead to a sub par or unimaginative product.

But, once we got inside, it was clear, this place was different. Pinkberry serves frozen yogurt with (or without) toppings.

There are a handful of frozen yogurt flavors – original vanilla, customary chocolate and more innovative flavors like mango, watermelon, pomegranate and the seasonal invention peanut butter. The yogurt alone could explain the line, but what makes this place special are the topping. The possibilities are endless from fresh fruit (including kiwi, watermelon, raspberries, banana, strawberries and more) to all-natural mixed nuts and the standard mixes like Oreos cookies, chocolate crunch, and brownies.

But the less traditional, but even more delicious toppings really make this place cool. Things like Cap’n Crunch cereal, gummy bears, fruity pebbles and gel filled Japanese candies.

We don’t have any pictures of our desserts as it was late, we were tired and just dove right in before taking any pictures. By the way, I got peanut butter frozen yogurt with chocolate crunch topping and Capt’n Crunch cereal – breakfast in yogurt coat; and Victoria went the healthier route with watermelon and pomegranate frozen yogurt covered in lots of fresh fruit and granola – California health club in a bowl.

Check it out here.