The Original, Original Hamburger

Running late on his lunch break and in a hurry to get back to the office, an impatient customer in New Haven, Connecticut, may or may not have created the modern day hamburger. As with most legends, there’s no direct evidence that this is how the hamburger originated; only a story passed down through four generations at Louis’s Lunch.

There are many hamburger places and towns that claim to have sold the first hamburger (we already visited one in Seymour, Wisconsin) but only Louis’s Lunch and Louis Lassen in New Haven are documented in the Library of Congress.

True to the legend, Louis’ still flame broils their handmade meat patties in antique stoves before serving them medium-rare on two pieces of toasted bread. You can ask for a different wellness or add tomatoes and onions, but don’t dare ask for ketchup or mustard. The family believes their hamburgers are good enough to stand alone and we would agree.

Not only is the place unique for their hamburgers, but this tiny brick building has 3 stools at bar, 3 tiny booths and large party booths. This place is not for hanging out. And, don’t order fries, cuz they ain’t got none. It’s potato chips or homemade (cold) potato salad, which we had and it was delicious. Who needs fries anyway!?

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