Fantasy Island?

Where were we today? Hobnobbin’ with celebrities on famous Martha’s Vineyard, of course. Well, not really, but we did walk past the Obama vacation cottage this past summer.

We took the 9:30 a.m ferry over to the island. This comfortable ferry had television the whole way (a treat for me since I haven’t watched much in the last four months), wireless internet and comfortable seats with work tables. This is a great deal for $18 each round trip.

Eat your heart out Chicago, we found more expensive gas!

Upon arriving, we were surprised at how many areas there are to explore on this 20 mile by 10 mile island. First, we walked around the Oak Bluffs area right off the dock. This area is your traditional oceanfront tourist town, a little dirty, a little cliché with the expected t-shirts, sweatshirts and knickknacks shops that prey on tourist. Most shops had not yet opened so we bought an all-day bus pass and waited for our bus to head down to the Edgartown area.

The Edgartown area is what I envisioned when thinking about Martha’s Vineyard – posh stores, high-end restaurants and expensive jewelry and art galleries. We window-shopped and then hiked to the picturesque Edgartown light house. I walked along the beach looking for sea glass, while Kimmer held my purse. I didn’t find much but did collect some pretty white rocks. Yay! Free souvenir!

Unfortunately, after arriving back to the bus stop we realized with the buses running every half hour, or more, and needing to take several connections it would be difficult to explore another area of the island, and make it back to the ferry in time. So, we headed back to Oak Bluffs and looked through some shops.

We should probably say that the bus system on the island is well-run and efficient; very rarely is the bus line late. The VTA system is definitely the way around, if you’re exploring one on the island’s cities. But, we had no idea the complications of exploring an island this large by bus.

We enjoyed the varied architecture of the homes and inns, and we heard that many of the areas we didn’t get to are truly beautiful, each with a personality of its own.

But, you should know upfront that is likely impossible to fully explore the island in one day. If you only have one day, we recommend bringing your car which is expensive ($105 per vehicle), or consider renting a car or moped. We also highly recommend you staying overnight or for a weekend to fully experience each of the six villages.