Rock and Roll in a Bottle

Today, we stopped by the Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington, Vermont,  a small craft brewer whose brand is all about fun. In fact, the brand claims it puts a performance in every bottle, and the decorations and layout of their gift store, or as they call it, the Artifactory definitely supports their claims.

The inside of the gift shop is sparsely lit and feels more like a concert venue than a gift shop. Music is playing and near the back of the place is a large dark bar that offers free samples of all eight beers on tap. Of course, if you’ve kept up with our blog, you know we love beer, since this is our fifth or sixth, or maybe seventh brewery visit.

Magic Hat is most known for their “#9” beer which is distributed primarily on the East Coast. The company features four seasonal and four year-round brews, each with interesting names like Wacko and Circus Boy.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a formal tour, only a self-guided tour past a few televisions, but even that’s different. The message isn’t about how the place was founded, but about the fun the employees have each day, their softball league and the disastrous flavor attempts like “garlic” for example.

We chilled inside for a bit, took the tour and then grabbed a growler of Wacko and Circus Boy, and home we went to enjoy our bounty.

Very cool website, check it out!