The Fun Spot – aka NERD-vana

I first became aware of the Fun Spot while watching one of my favorite films of all time King of Kong – Fist Full of Quarters. The documentary follows a 30-something middle school teacher as he enters the world of professional coin-operated gaming in a quest to set the Donkey Kong scoring record.

The Fun Spot is prominently portrayed as Nerd-vana, the Mecca for the classic game masters. Masters dressed in the awkwardly-fitted clothes of men still living in mom’s basement. But, the truth is, I connect on a visceral level with these coin-slot savants. In fact, if it wasn’t for the one lucky night at Bowling Green State University that led to 13-years with Victoria, I could see myself, unshowered and undernourished, annihilating another evening in front of Pac-Man, Asteroids, or Galaga.

To say I was looking forward to this visit would be like saying these guys are awkward around women. But, unlike their attempts to talk to girls, Fun Spot was not going to be a disappointment.

The main dimly lit room, contained 23 vintage pinball machines, three versions of Space Invaders and an entire wall dedicated to Pac-Man and his family. But that was only a handful of the classic games available. There was Asteroids, Galaga, and all of your other favorites, as well as lesser known titles like Paper Boy, After Burner and Dragon’s Lair.

And this was only ONE room, there were three levels, a putt-putt course, a pizzeria, a bowling alley and even an adults-only tavern.

It’s designed of the arcades of the 80s, not the mega arcades of today. It is a little run down, a tad dirty, insufficiently staffed but… IT… IS… AWESOME!

For $20 we had the time of our life. Learn more here, check out the photos below and enjoy this clip from King of Kong – Fist Full of Quarters.