Acadia Driving Tour

(This is part two of our day-long Acadia adventure - if you haven’t read about our sunrise experience yet, click here.)

Acadia National Park is found on Desert Island – often pronounced locally as “Dessert” Island, who would argue that it’s not delicious – which is managed by the Department of the Interior and the National Parks Service.

The island park is a strange mixture of private lands mixed with public access. You can experience granite cliffs stabbed deep into sand and cobblestone beaches, windy meadows and soggy marshes, dense evergreen forests and cool freshwater lakes cupped in glacier-carved mountains; as well as lavish privately owned “summer cottages” that would be called mansions almost anywhere else and an authentic working seaside town where fishermen still check their lobster pots each day, and sailing is a way of life.

At the Visitors Center, we purchased the Acadia National Park Audio Tour. This four-hour
driving tour covers every imaginable sight inside the park and provides very easy to follow driving instructions and mile markers. It is designed to allow park visitors to choose their own adventures, encouraging the listener to get out of their car and explore.

Here’s our experience, in photos!