Buffalo Wings – or if in Buffalo – Chicken Wings

Though we haven’t OFFICIALLY made our stop in New York – that won’t come until later this month – we did make a stop through on our way to Maine. We figured we could get some items off of our list that were in the area.

Shortly after arriving in Buffalo we jumped in our car and steered it toward Anchor Bar which is considered the originator of the Buffalo Wing, or as they call in the city, chicken wings. We were very excited about Buffalo wings since it has been years since we had partaken.The closest we have gotten in recent years was when we have improvised with soy nuggets, wing sauce and blue cheese dressing – not the same!

We were seated quickly and decided to order 10 mild wings and Anchor chips – seasoned potato wedges – and two beers. We waited as patiently as we could while we sipped on our beers and once the waitress made it back with our plates, the wait was all worth it. These wings were amazing – the best ever – or at least I thought so then. The wings were crispy, spicy and sweet. Kimmer thought these wings were good but was withholding judgment until our planned visit to another eatery suggested by Kimmer’s friend Bill.

We finished up, snapped a few pictures and drove across town to Duff’s. As we tore out of the parking lot, I started to feel like we were on the “Amazing Race” except this was a food based version! Duff’s we were told was the place locals go for wings, in fact, I think the saying is “in the Buffalo world of wings, there’s Anchor Bar, which everyone in America knows about, there’s Duff’s, which everyone in Buffalo knows!”

This bar was much more like a traditional sports bar, it had TVs arranged for everyone’s enjoyment, 2 for 1 drink special, Duff TV with bloopers and the best part – the Miller table. This is the worst table in the restaurant and when the place is packed, and this is the only seat available, you get a free beer for every one you order and Miller swag. That’s sweet deal. We would have sat there anytime for that kind of offer!

We thought we ordered five of the medium mild and five of the medium (which the menu specifics are Hot), but the waitress was a bit, well… let’s just say we ended up with 20 wings total.

After eating a few wings, we discussed both places. Kimmer preferred Duff’s while I was still in love with Anchor’s wings. It was great to try both places back-to-back, and even I have to admit Duff’s wings were the best leftovers we’ve had in a while.

Check them both out here.

Duff’s Famous Wings

Anchor Bar