Mushroom Rock

Portabellas, Shitake and Cremeni. We’re not talking about your favorite delicious fungus, we’re talking about deliciously nature-shaped rocks. Picture this.

We’re driving through Marquettte, Kansas in the RV and we make a turn onto the red gravel road. Thanks to the many hills and tall corn, we don’t initially see anything of interest, and we’re a little worried that the old RV is gonna have trouble getting out.

We turn left to avoid an even worse dirt road, and soon spot a truly unique state park – Mushroom Rock State Park. The rocks closest to the road were weathered and damaged, sitting crumbled on the ground. But, as we hiked back a few yards back we saw the crazy rocks for which the park was named. Tall, some as high as 12-15 feet, the precariously eroded rocks make for great photographs, and shed wonderful shadows for picnics.

Now, here are some pictures. For more information, click here.