Gunfighters and Teachers, What a Combination!

In Dodge City, Kansas, we had to stop by the Gunfighters Wax Museum – must see for Kimmer. We saw signs for the museum and found it extra interesting that it was paired with the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame.

We walked in and were greeted by two nice older ladies – dare I say they were very “teacher-like”? We asked them about how exactly these two unrelated attractions ended up in the same building, and they explained that when the non-profit Teacher’s Hall of Fame purchased the building the wax museum came with the building. They decided to keep it intact on the second floor and added the Teacher Hall of Fame on the first level. The $3 admission gets you into both.

We paid our $6 and made our way upstairs. The wax museum consisted of a dozen or so scenes that made Dodge City famous. There’s Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and more. In addition to Wild West Characters, the museum also includes presidents who have visited as well as famous movie monsters as well. We got some good photos and the stories were interesting, and for $3, this wasn’t bad.

Once we walked downstairs to the first floor, one of the women – a retired teacher (damn I’m good!) walked us through the Kansas Teacher Hall of Fame.

She explained that every year teachers are nominated by peers, students or others for outstanding work. Unfortunately, the volunteers on hand this day were not familiar with what got each of this year’s inductees nominated, and the organization lacked the funds to really organize the inductees effectively. Kimmer made sure to drop a nice donation in their bin as we left.

Apparently, only a handful of states do their own hall of fame beyond the National Teacher Hall of Fame.

A strange combination for sure, but we’re glad we stopped.