Birthday, Bed and Breakfast

We decided to leave our RV at our campsite in Salina and drive to Dodge City. Even staying in a hotel in Dodge City, driving our car wound up saving us nearly $150 in gas for the long drive out there. In addition, we planned to stay the night anyway since it was my birthday!

Kimmer booked a hotel as a surprise, and told me we were going to a Travelodge. Honestly, anyplace with a bathroom bigger than our tiny closet would constitute a great birthday gift. But, on the way the, he told me the truth – he’d booked a stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast. How fun!?

We arrived at the Boot Hill Bed and Breakfast. This large home is wonderfully updated and decorated, but most importantly, by the time you leave you feel like you just stayed the night with friends.

We checked in and were shown our room – the Matt Dillon suite. I didn’t know who Marshall Dillon was – Kimmer said he knew, but I still don’t. Apparently, he was a popular character in a 1950s western series. The room was big with a balcony, large king-sized bed and a huge Jacuzzi tub! Kimmer surprised me again with roses waiting for us in the room. So sweet!

We lounged on the bed taking in a few restful moments before exploring the town. Oh, and the owners are well known for their cooking prowess and had fresh-baked cookies in our room along with complimentary soda and water in our mini-fridge. This B&B was definitely a great get-a-away from the confines of our RV.

When we returned from our walk, we chatted with the owner, Enid. She is originally from England but has been living with her husband Kurt in the states for some time. I could listen to her talk about almost anything all day with her thick English accent. They have been running the bed and breakfast for eight years and you can tell it is Enid’s passion.

After a restful sleep on the cushy bed, we were greeted with the smell of bacon. We don’t eat bacon, but I don’t mind the smell of it in the morning. We made coffee in our room and drank it on our balcony while trying to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the sunrise was obscured by the cityscape, but we enjoyed the morning air. Finally, we ventured down stairs to be feed pastries, fruit, eggs and potatoes. Absolutely delicious!

The Boot Hill Bed and Breakfast was a delight in every way, and we highly recommend a visit! Click here to learn more or to make reservations.